Dream Analysis

dream analysis

I am now offering individual dream analysis work using the Magick and Metaphor model. The analysis will cover both the metaphorical explanation of the dream as well as exploring the magickal/qabalistic correspondences, attributions, and archetypes.

The fee is £60.00 per report which will be sent to you by email. Whilst most reports will be completed within a week, please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

The best type of dreams for this application are: (i) recurring dreams, (ii) short punctuated dreams that result in waking up, (iii) recurring nightmares. It doesn’t matter how long ago you had the dream.

Regrettably, the more complex “epic” type of dream is not suitable for analysis. If your dream isn’t suitable, or if I am unable to offer an analysis on it, I’ll let you know without charge. You may want to message me first to check for suitability.

Please write up your dream as clearly as possible with as many details as you can recall and send it over to me. If it is suitable, I’ll let you know to go ahead and place your order. Payment is via Paypal/banking invoice.

Please email me at: freshnewbrain@gmail.com

dream analysis