Andrew T. Austin

Andrew T. Austin – Innovator, Therapist and Trainer

Andrew T. AustinSkype coaching sessions are available with Andrew T. Austin, £125 per session. If you are interested in this, please use the booking form here.

Primarily a clinician and therapist, Andrew T. Austin regularly teaches overseas including Holland, Japan,  India, Poland, USA and Romania.

His therapeutic model of Integral Eye Movement Therapy has proven to be a treatment of choice amongst many therapeutic professionals and is taught internationally to therapists wishing to expand and develop their clinical practice.

Austin’s hugely popular book, “The Rainbow Machine – Tales From a Neurolinguist’s Journal” edited by Steve Andreas and published by Real People Press is available via Amazon. Sample chapters can be read here.


“Attending Metaphors of Movement was enlightening and I think you have begun to add a very important intervention to a Therapists toolbox and created another model for creating personal change. Focusing on behaviour and what we do when in a situation that is causing distress is liberating and as designed enables movement instead of inertia and sometimes paralysis.  The content was clearly delivered and as always with fun and humour.” J. Bissett

Andy Austin is an intelligent and entertaining trainer. He demonstrates high standards regarding working with clients and more importantly, he trains you to become aware of yourself as the clinician/coach in all types of situations. His material is very useful for individuals who want to increase their therapeutic skills. He cleverly leads students to find the answers within and then offers new ideas to challenge their learning even more. I have enjoyed my experiences learning from Andy and I recommend him as a trainer.” Rachel Hott, PhD, Co-director The NLP Center of New York

“After attending a workshop with Andy I put into practice within a week my new found skills – WOW! – amazing and rapid results. I believed I listened to my clients, I now knew that I didn’t hear their movement, or lack of it!! Within 2 hours a client who had spent thousands of pounds seeking a cure from others found the right way forward, and could engage their gear. Previously everything was going wrong (and the movement metaphors were going left) and when things went the right way she found movement. We had walls that could be seen over, but couldn’t be got over; scared of falling on their bum……. and literally a numb bum, that triggered instant movement, and a desire to move forward through engaging their gears. Applying a bit of filtering and a walk down a funny road and she had successfully made a way forward, specifically the right way forward. A 3 day check in for feedback and  the feedback was good – the best session ever, and the best technique I had used. A successful outcome? Yeah – even the client left feeling good!!  I would recommend that all practitioners who want to support their clients achieve movement learn this great skill.”  Lesley Hoyle (NLP Practitioner, a registered nurse in her previous career)


Skype: andrewaustin1 (I don’t do “chat”)
Twitter: @freshbrainco