The Compass

Compass by Robert Brown (Abney Park)

The Directions of The Compass


    • Forwards: “What we look forward to.” “The way ahead.”
    • Behind: “What is behind all this.” “Where we have come from.”
    • Left: “What we have left.” “What is left to discover.”
    • Right: “What is right for us.”  “The right way to go.”


    • Forward left: “The way forward that is often left.” “What is left in front of us.”
    • Forward right: “The right way forward.” “What is right in front of us.”
    • Left Behind: “What we have left behind.”
    • Right behind: “What is right behind us.”

Not shown in this diagram is the up/down axis which pertains to status.  Up: status acquisition, Down: status loss. This gives us a number of permutations, such as moving onwards [forwards] and upwards (aspirational status acquisition) and “backing down” (going back and losing status) and so on.   

The Compass


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