Metaphors of Movement Training Levels

The Metaphors of Movement Training Levels

The structure within metaphor is hierarchical, and so it seems logical to structure the nature of the Metaphors of Movement work along the lines of this structure. The training is progressive with hints for the higher levels given in each of the trainings.

These levels reflect the hierarchy, additional training modules as “Masterclasses” (such as the trainer’s training, The Dream Experiment, The Hero’s Journey Experience, and “The Initiation”) exist outside of this hierarchy.

Level 1. The Foundation

An overview of the structure of MoM and the delivery of the change work process. Level 1 is a two day training that equips trainees to safely practice basic content-free MoM sessions for remedial change work purposes.

(a). Introduction to The MoM Process

  • Full outline of the MoM process and session structure.
  • Neurological rationale for the processes.

(b). Introduction to Metaphor Taxonomy and Creating Digital Change

  • The Structure of Outcomes.
  • The Obstructions: external rules and values.
  • The Containers: container metaphors, inherited status, families and long term problems.
  • The Burdens: responsibilities and guilts.
  • The Bubbles: beliefs and values.

Level 2. The Metaphoric Hierarchy

Level 2 is an exploration in how different metaphors logically lead to new metaphors, idioms and simile and how these can be arranged hierarchically. The overall theme of this level is that of relationships and emotional health. Level 2 training completes the practitioner status initiated at level 1.

(a). Introduction to relationships and creating analogical and generative change

  • The Elevations: status games and awkward positions.
  • Relational Positions: where we stand in relation to others.
  • The Fulfilments: emotional trading and transactions.
  • The Hurts: emotional injury and emotional health.

(b). Symbolism and time predication in metaphor

  • Dream work and dream analysis.
  • Introduction to Metaphors of Time.
  • Introduction to Metaphors of Business and Money.

Level 3. The Ground Work

This intermediate level training is an exploration of how we support ourselves and the interaction within the metaphoric environment. This elucidates the generative change work principles taught at level 2 and provides a useful extension for creating generative change.

(a). How, Where and Why We Stand

  • The Supports (anatomy and embodiment): supporting one’s self, receiving support, supporting others.
  • The Supports (environmental): the ground on which we walk.
  • The Cause: why we stand and what we stand for.
  • The Leg Work: the relationship between the body and the ground.
  • Symbolism, meaning and interaction.
  • The Immersions: immersion metaphor.
  • The body and physical health metaphors.

(b). All The World Is a Stage.

  • Stage, acting and performance metaphor.
  • Peak performance.
  • Multiple identities, masks and illusions.

(c). Gaia – The personification of The Earth

  • Chunking up the immediate metaphoric environment to global proportions as a projection from our psyche.
  • Anthropomorphisation in metaphoric symbolism.

Level 4. Metaphors of Business

An exploration of good and bad business judgement, planning and business development. This level is ideal for business consultants, managers and individuals seeking their own business development.

(a). Business Forensics and Analysis

  • The most common forms of business structure and what can be inferred thereof.
  • Business as a vehicle and transportation.
  • Metaphors of management and organisational design.
  • Business identities and branding.
  • Departmental identity: recruitment, training and retention.

(b). Metaphors of Business algorithm and change work process using archetypes of business.
Or “How to fake it as a business consultant and get excellent results.”

Level 5. Metaphors of Money

In which we explore how money as a metaphor operates within our other existing metaphors and reasoning processes. This level training is ideal for those in business and so is taught in conjunction with level 4.

  • Money as liquid: the flow of money, cash flow, income streams and life blood.
  • Money and wealth generation.
  • Personal, cultural and religious relationships with money.
  • The cultural lexicon of money.

Level 6. The Time Portal

This advanced training level explores Symbolic Interpretation and the submodalities of metaphor, including angles, colour, distances, directions and sounds with an emphasis on time as the basis for all metaphoric symbolism. Level 6 serves as the essential portal to the higher levels of training.

Level 7. Metaphors of Healing, Health, Death and Dying

Level 7 explores contemporary paradigms of metaphor in healing and medical practice and how we can utilise and improve upon these themes.

(a). The war on cancer, the war on drugs and the sick society

  • Orthodox medicine often uses war metaphors in its search for the magic bullet. Government policy often reflects this with medical analogies in crime and other social issues.

(b). The Clinically Dead and The Spiritually Dying

  • The Doctor as Priest. Medical practices are often at variance with spiritual and religious realities, beliefs and practices, but doctors have more power over our deaths than priests.
  • The Living Death metaphor. Following trauma many people talk of their “life being over”, some depressives “don’t have a life” and so on.
  • They Live On: metaphors of the deceased

(c). Metaphoric Paradigms of Therapy

  • Diagnostic and prescription protocols as metaphor.
  • An exploration of the different treatment modalities reflect specific metaphor structures.
  • Mental health and mental illness.

Level 8. The Spirituality

Religion and spirituality are at the very foundation of our culture, yet their metaphor and influence is often overlooked; it is hidden amongst the elusive obvious. Level 8 is an exploration of the evolving metaphoric structure of spirituality and religion and how we are influenced by, how we may embrace it or simply free ourselves from it according to our individual will.

(a). The Enlightenment

  • Organisational metaphors of religious organisations.
  • Enlightenment and wisdom: The structure of religious and spiritual metaphor.
  • Embodiment, ritual and ceremony.

(b). The People, The Gods and Those In-Between

  • The relationships between Gods, assorted entities and man.
  • Creation of a religious ceremony and ritual.
  • The function of prayer and devotion

(c). Modern Gods, Some Revelry and a Bit of Devilry

  • An exploration of modern myth and the evocations of Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and The Slender Man.

(d). Death and The Afterlife

  • Death and the afterlife as a metaphor for the living.

(e). Ancestry and pre-incarnation

  • Prelife and the cultural metaphoric lexicon.

Level 9. Metaphors of Gender, Identity, Sex and Sexuality

An exploration of metaphors of sexuality and gender identity.

(a). Metaphors of gender, sexuality and identity

  • Gender symbolism in metaphoric taxonomy and structure.

(b). Sexual practices as metaphoric expression (including fetish and paraphilia)

(c). Reproduction and childbirth as metaphor and in metaphor

Level 10. Mysticism and Magick

An exploration of magical systems throughout the ages. There are many parallels between the material taught at levels 1 and 2 and mysticism and magick. This training is an experiential elucidation of these parallel principles. Dressing up is entirely optional, but highly recommended.

(a). Hermeticism, Wilhelm Reich, Timothy Leary and Neurology

  • As Above, So Below: Magic as as scientific principle.
  • Leary’s Circuit Activation: Magick as a neurological activity
  • Reichian therapy and orgone accumulation

(b). Magick and Mysticism for Beginners

  • The magician as a modern metaphor.
  • DIY magic structures for fun and prophet (sic).
  • Initiation for wisdom and folly.
  • Spontaneous tarot archetypes in metaphor elicitation.

(c). MoM as a practical magick system

  • In 2013, paraphrasing occultist and mystic, Eliphas Levi, Austin wrote: “Locked alone in a room armed only with language, symbols and the knowledge of how to use them, a person will be able to unlock the mysteries of the universe. The requisite language and symbols already resides within us all, the Metaphors of Movement model provides the key to that knowledge.”

(d). Ecstatic states, enchantment and trance

Level 11. The Secret Level

– You don’t contact us, we contact you.

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