Boulder, Colorado, USA

Metaphors of Movement Training in Boulder, Colorado
Hosted by Steve and Connirae Andreas
Presented by Andrew T. Austin

5th-10th May 2017

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The fourth in-depth training in Metaphors of Movement with Andrew Austin in Boulder, Colorado. This material continues to develop, with new fascinating and useful learning experiences each year and this year the main development will be that of exploring the “boundary violations.”

Who Is This Training For?

Everyone Welcome! No background needed. Come to gain understandings that pave the way to positive change in areas of your own life where you feel stuck, unresolved, or that you’re going in the wrong direction. These are also powerful new tools that Therapists and coaches can use when working with clients as well as themselves.

Because Metaphors of Movement is a fundamental new model, whether you’ve had years of therapeutic training, or you’re coming for your own personal growth, this training will serve everyone. In fact, for everyone to get the most out of the training, we’re hoping for roughly a 50-50 split between therapists/coaches, and individuals coming for their own personal development.

Basic Training Structure: 

The style of training will involve lots of interactive demonstrations with participant volunteers up at the front of the room. There will also be lively small-group exercises to practice these methods with each other, as well as time for group discussion.

A glimpse of how much you’ll get in this 4-day in-depth training:

Level 1. The Foundation

An overview of the structure of MoM and the delivery of the change work process. Level 1 is a two day training that equips trainees to safely practice basic content-free MoM sessions for remedial change work purposes.

(a). Introduction to The MoM Process

  • Full outline of the MoM process and session structure.
  • Neurological rationale for the processes.

(b). Introduction to Metaphor Taxonomy and Creating Digital Change

  • The Structure of Outcomes.
  • The Obstructions: external rules and values.
  • The Containers: container metaphors, inherited status, families and long term problems.
  • The Burdens: responsibilities and guilts.
  • The Bubbles: beliefs and values.

Level 2. The Metaphoric Hierarchy

Level 2 is an exploration in how different metaphors logically lead to new metaphors, idioms and simile and how these can be arranged hierarchically. The overall theme of this level is that of relationships and emotional health. Level 2 training completes the practitioner status initiated at level 1.

(a). Introduction to relationships and creating analogical and generative change

  • The Elevations: status games and awkward positions.
  • Relational Positions: where we stand in relation to others.
  • The Fulfilments: emotional trading and transactions.
  • The Hurts: emotional injury and emotional health.

(b). Symbolism and time predication in metaphor

  • Dream work and dream analysis.
  • Introduction to Metaphors of Time.
  • Introduction to Metaphors of Business and Money.

Level 3. The Ground Work

This intermediate level training is an exploration of how we support ourselves and the interaction within the metaphoric environment. This elucidates the generative change work principles taught at level 2 and provides a useful extension for creating generative change.

(a). How, Where and Why We Stand

  • The Supports (anatomy and embodiment): supporting one’s self, receiving support, supporting others.
  • The Supports (environmental): the ground on which we walk.
  • The Cause: why we stand and what we stand for.
  • The Leg Work: the relationship between the body and the ground.
  • Symbolism, meaning and interaction.
  • The Immersions: immersion metaphor.
  • The body and physical health metaphors.

(b). All The World Is a Stage.

  • Stage, acting and performance metaphor.
  • Peak performance.
  • Multiple identities, masks and illusions.

(c). Gaia – The personification of The Earth

  • Chunking up the immediate metaphoric environment to global proportions as a projection from our psyche.
  • Anthropomorphisation in metaphoric symbolism.


“Andy’s Metaphors of Movement has infused me with new energy and perspective for the work I do. It has also given new life to the tools I already have.”  –Mark J. Ryan

“This is like a mental “reboot” – returning to the way we learned to think in the first place. It opens up whole new areas of perception. Like recovering sight or hearing.”

 “Six direction model is usable on oneself, without a partner… and it works well. Terrific teacher!”

 “Incredibly insightful & thought-provoking training. Andrew Austin is extremely entertaining, bold yet covertly compassionate, and skillfully models how to help chronic clients discover where they stand with their problems.”

 “This is a simple straightforward way to shift behavior from a congruent, respectful perspective.”

 “[What I liked most is] learning and being exposed to this new method—because I think this is really what is needed as far as being able to help people solve their issues. I also appreciate Andy’s approachability and humility very much.”

“Andy has a really enjoyable style of presenting very complex material, making it easy and enjoyable to apply.”  –Tom Dotz

“Learned how to really hear what clients are saying. The model has fundamentally changed how I practice therapy.”

“We all operate largely on the metaphors we carry in our minds, but we are not aware of them. Once Andy exposes you to the world of metaphor, you will never experience the world in the same way again.”

“This training is certainly ‘leading-edge’ information. My money was well spent. I felt the marketing material didn’t do the training justice. Those who did not attend missed something very valuable.” –Jessie Milan, Denver, counselor/coach

“An extraordinary opportunity to increase your ability to hear your clients by 100%.”

“If you are looking for a very user friendly changework technique, you have found it in Metaphors of Movement.”

Metaphors of Movement Training in Boulder, Colorado
Hosted by Steve and Connirae Andreas
Presented by Andrew T. Austin

5th – 10th May 2017

Online Booking Here


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