Organisational and Corporate Change

An examination of corporate communications and culture can reveal a number of metaphorical structures that may be used, knowingly or otherwise.

Congruency between organisational structures and managerial styles is vital to maintaining effective communication and avoid conflict.

 As a simple example, a corporation may function as:

    • a vehicle – a juggernaut of a business, a vehicle for success/change. These businesses tend to be “driven forward.” For staff, this is no free ride.
    • ship/boat – everyone is required to get on board, the business may have to navigate shark-infested waters, sometimes struggle to stay afloat, everything may be plain sailing.
    • a farm – seeds for business are sown, profits are harvested and rewards are reaped. Staff are workers and the business grows.
    • team – top players are required, time out is taken, members of staff take forward positions, and similar companies are seen as competition.

Congruency between corporate organisation and identity is vital. For example, a corporation organised as a “farm” that recruits “players” may suffer problems of staff retention. Primary areas and themes explored:

    • corporate identity and brand image
    • employee / managerial identity
    • staff turnover, recruitment, absenteeism
    • organisational hierarchies and status
    • management models and design

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