“Profound changes!”

“Since attending the MOM workshop almost a year ago the changes I have experienced in my personal and professional life have been profound. At 60 years old I now experience a well-being, physically, emotionally and spiritually, such as I never have after over 25 years of various therapies, treatments, workshops and therapists. My relationship of 20 years is better than it ever has been and my work as a therapist now has a depth and compassion seldom seen in the field of nlp – I am proud of my work, and its results for my clients. This work is superb, both for clients and for ongoing personal use.” G.E., Therapist

“New associations!”

“What continually amazes me is how rapidly and profoundly you can touch the core of a person’s existence and experience by “staying in” their metaphor rather than interpreting, analyzing, or trying to make sense of it. By staying in the metaphor we open hearts and minds to new associations which the client knows what to do with even when we don’t.” Rob Voyle, Director of the Clergy Leadership Institute.

“Calling out the devil!”

“For years Quinn wanted to start a New Age centre but never was able to do this. When we explored his situation, at one point he said it’s like being in a box.  “What kind of box?” and other questions yielded this description:

Quinn is locked inside a concrete box about 8 feet cube.  The walls and floor and ceiling of the box are wet and slimy and cold.  The box is buried in the prairie, with a small slit letting in some light and air at the top edge of one side of the box.  There is a small door in the ceiling with a rusty padlock on it.

Who has the key?”

Quinn replies, “The Devil.”

“What are you going to do to get the key?”

Quinn says, “I have to get somebody to get the key.

No,” I say. “There isn’t anybody to help you.  You are locked in a cold, slimy box buried in the prairie.  It’s up to you.  What are you going to do?”

I guess I’ll have to get the Devil to come to me.”

So I asked Quinn where the Devil was.  It turns out that the Devil was in the Lazy Dog, a sports bar watching baseball on TV.  And yes, the Devil does indeed have the key.

We recapped.  “So Quinn, let me see if this is right.  You are I are walking across the prairie.  We see the top of this concrete box, with a locked door and a small slit along the top edge.  We look inside, and see Quinn locked in this buried, cold, wet slimy box.  And the Devil has the key, and he is watching baseball on TV in the Lazy Dog.

Quinn concurs.

So Quinn, I’m curious.  There are seven billion people in the world.  The Devil has to be pretty busy raining misery and wretchedness and human misery around the world.  How is it that the Devil has time to torment you?”

The Devil has always had it in for me.”

But what makes the Devil so interested in you, of all the people on the planet?”

I’m a good person, and that scares him.”

How will you get the Devil to come to you, with the key?”

Quinn says, “I’ll call him out.  He won’t be able to resist the challenge.”

Six months later, Quinn had rented space, developed his programs, furnished the meditation centre and had a full schedule of meditation offerings.  18 months later, Quinn’s meditation centre is still operating.  Will Murray, Coach.


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