First Meeting

The first meeting of “The Movement” will be on Sunday 2nd August in Brighton. This is going to be a training meeting to induct those that wish to participate and set up their own group as a chapter of The Historia Illius Itineris. There will be a lot of work involved for anyone wishing to take this on and the decision should not be taken lightly.

If you need to ask what this work is going to involve, or have no idea what “The Movement” is, then I can assure you that this isn’t suitable for you at this stage.

Not all applicants will be accepted, and a refusal at this time should not be taken as rejection from The Movement altogether. This is to get the right people together in order to get the whole thing started.

Legally binding confidentiality clauses will be required to be signed by all participants prior to any information being sent out.

Please apply via email to:


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