Masterclass – Emotional Trading

Masterclass – Emotional Trading and Transactions 
An Advanced Exploration of “The Hurts” and “The Fulfilment” Metaphor Taxonomies

21st – 22nd October 2017
Northallerton, Yorkshire

£249 per person. Attendees must have previously attended at least levels 1&2 of Metaphors of Movement training. This training is an adjunctive to level 2.

In level 2 of Metaphors of Movement you will have been introduced to the distinct taxonomical groups, “The Hurts” and “The Fulfilments” and hopefully, will have understood that these metaphor groups are primarily about relationship-to-other and personal identity.

In this masterclass we aim to develop these theme further in order to delve deeper into the concept of identity and learn what can be ascertained through hurts/fulfilment metaphor analysis.

We will examine just why in-depth analysis of these metaphor themes tends to lead a person into the more mystical realms of experience and how such metaphors can be utilised for spiritual as well as personal development. 

Additionally, we will examine and practice some of the “positive hurts” – the expression of positive and beneficial experience through the hurts bias filter, as taught and practiced in various spiritual traditions for millennia.

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