The Initiation

The Initiation – Identity Evolved.

Owing to the logistical size and nature of this event, it is likely to be a one-off happening and will not be recorded in any way.

The Initiation will occur in a theatre, with light and sound technicians, musicians and a team of improvisation actors trained in ritual.

It will be impressive and it will be fun.

Though this is an event of serious intent, the aim is to generate humour and laughter to mix with the sincerity of the outcome.

When: TBA
Where: Central London (venue to be confirmed)
What: A four day Metaphors of Initiation exploration.
How Much: Somewhere around £650

Proposal: This is going to be a highly experimental workshop which builds towards creating a personal initiation journey for all participants. The first two days will be based around modelling of initiatory traditions, the latter two days will be a creation of each participants initiation into…well, we won’t really know until we do the exploration.

Ultimately, it is an exploration of spiritual identity and an address to the question, “Who am I?”

Initiation means different things to different people:

For some people it is a rite of passage into a group – a belonging, membership.

For others, it may reflect the West esoteric system of making contact with “the knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.”

Some may prefer the concept of a personal advancement, a rite of passage into a different age.

Someone is bound to want a test of spiritual strength. That could be fun and maybe just a little scary.

Meanwhile, it appears the most common theme will be, “A New Beginning” – casting off the past and entering into the future renewed, a brand new day, a golden dawn, a new beginning, a phoenix risen from the flames, born again.

The Initiation (It’s not a cult but there will be dressing up)