The Movement – Historia Illius Itineris

Historia Illius Itineris


Applications for membership of Historia Illius Itineris are now being accepted.

The Initiation Rites.

1st Degree: The Grand Orientation – in which the candidate learns about his standing and position in the universe.
2nd Degree: The Grand Exploration – in which the candidate explores the opportunities to improve his standing and position in the universe.
3rd Degree: The Grand Construction – in which the candidate begins to construct something bigger than himself.

Using a combination of ritual, psychogeography, psychodrama and humour this work seeks to create the perfect embodiment of the metaphor archetypes to create health, wealth, happiness and community. Every chapter member has a position and identity role within the working chapter, Charters will be awarded on a private basis to enable additional lodges to operate elsewhere in the country.

Interest in this project is significant and regrettably admission is not going to be available to everybody. However, in order to register your interest and to receive early notifications of developments in The Movement, please email me at: