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NOTE: You will also need to fill in and return this Non-Disclosure Agreement (new window, PDF form)

Membership Application - Historia Illius Itineris

Please note: Membership is only available to those who have completed the foundation levels of Metaphors of Movement (MoM Levels 1&2).

3 Responses to Membership application

  1. MiReLa says:

    Any interests for this in Colorado?

    • admin admin says:

      Most probably. I’ll be investigating viability this week, and if there is enough interest, I’ll be running an induction day in early May.

      • JR Remington says:

        ” I might be biting off more than I can chew ” or ” in over my head.” Yet, I am very interested and intrigued by what I’ve read and the many videos you created about your metaphor work. I’ve registered for the 6 day workshop being held in Boulder Colorado and I understand that I must have completed levels one and two to join this group. So I am just touching base with you. I shall return.

        Thank you,

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