Induction Training

The Historia Illius Itineris – Induction Training

Induction Training - Metaphors of MovementWe are running a number of induction trainings internationally.  These trainings are specifically for people who are wishing to possess a charter for their own chapter/lodge of The Historia Illius Itineris and to host their own initiations.

All trainees will need to sign the non-disclosure agreement and return it before any information further can be sent out.

Attendance on this training does not guarantee that you will be awarded a charter nor does it guarantee membership of The Historia Illius Itineris.

The Inductions Trainings.

Tel Aviv, Israel (fully booked)
Tuesday 15th December 2015

Bangalore, India (fully booked)
Tuesday 12th January 2016

Northallerton, Yorkshire, UK (booking open)
Saturday 20th February 2016
10am – 4pm

Boulder, Colorado, USA (to be confirmed)
Sunday 8th May 2016

Northallerton Induction

To book your place on the North Allerton training you will first need to sign the non-disclosure agreement and return that. If you are then given approval to attend, then please pay the £45.00 fee using the Paypal button here.

Induction Training - Metaphors of Movement