Metamorphosis  – The Next Logical Step in Sales and Management Skills

New Delhi, India
26th – 27th April 2018
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This workshop will teach some of the strategies that experts in communication use to gain the upper hand in business negotiations, management skills and creating effective marketing campaigns.


Day 1.

The Seven Positions of Management
What is our personal bias when it comes to forming business relationships with colleagues, customers and staff? Knowing the seven basic relational positions of both ourselves and others can open up interesting possibilities when it comes to managerial skills, business negotiation, resolving conflict and sales.

  • design better work teams
  • quickly resolve difficult management relationships
  • deal with difficult employees and work-teams more amicably
  • enhance people management skills

The 5 Most Common Business Metaphors and What They Tell You About a Business
A vital aspect in the forensic examination of any business practice. Understanding these key business metaphors can give you a competitive advantage in any business and workplace negotiation.

  • know how to identify your primary business metaphor and understand the hidden implications
  • quickly resolve a deadlock between co-directors and between managers
  • know how to quickly gain a comprehensive understanding of business strategy and logical reasoning
  • create accurate forecasts for efficiencies, turnovers and recruitment

Business Identities and Marketing
How can we tell when boastful marketing turns into outright deception and lies? How do we know if an interviewee is lying on the CV? Using what we know about business metaphors we can analyze speech patterns quickly and easily in order to detect deception. This same knowledge can be used to create effective marketing campaigns that communicate the correct message to the customer.

Day 2.

Advanced Language Patterns in Sales and Marketing – Avoiding The Fly In The Soup

“But it is only a small fly” says the waiter. Knowing advanced language patterns can enable us to avoid this common, and often invisible, problem in our marketing.

Covered in this module:

  • pacing and leading the customer’s language
  • the correct use of modal operators
  • the world’s fastest hypnosis training
  • time predication and rapport

The second day will teach you the advanced skills of influence and persuasion that you can use conversationally to avoid common difficulties and conflicts, creating better agreement sets within the workplace and marketplace.

You will be able to:

  • Utilise words of influence and leverage within your presentation, whether this is a marketing pitch, management talk or marketing strategy.
  • Quickly access and understand the customer’s needs and requirements.
  • Make new capabilities possible.
  • Enable new business models.

With a background in neurosurgery, Andrew T. Austin is a British therapist, author and trainer who has taught in over a dozen countries and is increasingly sought after for his expertise in the language of metaphor. He is the author of, “The Rainbow Machine – Tales From a Neurolinguist’s Journal” and has been involved in NLP and psychotherapy since 1994.

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